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Who We Are

Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP, is a network of interstate natural gas pipelines that provides transportation and storage services.

Gulf South transports natural gas directly from the Barnett, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville shale plays, and indirectly from other basins via third-party pipelines and the Perryville Exchange. Deliveries are transported to both on-system and off-system markets in the Gulf Coast area.

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Our Operations

Gulf South transports natural gas directly from supply areas in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico and indirectly from Oklahoma and Appalachia. That supply is transported to markets throughout the South Central and Southeastern United States.

Supply Sources:

  • Regional supply hubs and market centers including the Perryville Exchange, Henry Hub, Katy, Carthage, and Agua Dulce
  • Shale plays including Barnett, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville
  • Conventional wellhead supplies in East Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Markets Served:

  • Natural gas-fired power plants located in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama
  • Industrial end-users located in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama
  • Local distribution companies and utilities serving multiple communities including the cities of Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Mobile, Pensacola, and Lake Charles
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals on the Gulf Coast, including the Freeport LNG export facilities that is served by our Coastal Bend Header project completed in 2018

Hubs Offered:

  • Gulf South’s Perryville Exchange, in north Louisiana, offers a market center hub for producers, end-users, and marketers to transact with price transparency and liquidity
  • Gulf South also offers access to active trading centers at Henry Hub, Katy, Carthage, Agua Dulce, and Transco 85

Our Services

Our experienced industry professionals provide safe and reliable natural gas transportation and storage services supported by a strong commitment to customer service.

Transportation Highlights:

  • Gulf South consists of a reticulated system of approximately 7,190 miles of pipeline with an average daily throughput of approximately 3.1 Bcf a day and a peak day delivery of 9.7 Bcf per day
  • Diverse customer mix of producers, end-users, and marketers
  • Premium end-use markets including power plants, local distribution companies, industrials, and LNG export terminals
  • Wide range of transportation services to fit our customer’s needs, including services that provide enhanced hourly flow, extra nomination cycles, and seasonal flexibility
  • Flexible parking and lending services

Storage Highlights:

  • Eight high-deliverability salt-dome storage caverns that operate as a storage complex at our Petal facilities with approximately 29.6 Bcf of total working capacity
  • Two reservoir storage fields located in Bistineau, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi, with a total working capacity of approximately 83.5 Bcf
  • Robust suite of flexible storage services